Thursday, April 03, 2008


I'm not sure if you guys have made it over to Adam's Blog yet...but we've challenged each other to at least a post a day all thru the month of April so thats at least 30! we're on day 3 and I'm two days it looks like over the weekend I'm gonna have to do some make up post. Anyway here's a doodle of Iron Man since he's finally getting his own movie...I'm not too happy with the sketch but its the best one I've done in the last 3 days...I hated the other ones so much I don't even wanna post 'em. Oh..and if anyone else wants in we got an extra blog going so let me know if ur up for the challenge.

Wish me's gonna be a tough month!

1 comment:

Adam Rosette said...

totally looks like charles bronson-- aka my favorite action movie star.
good one!