Wednesday, July 05, 2006

... I feel like I have a million projects to do and I cant finish any of them, its driving me nuts. I have to finish up the business cards, the hand-out portfolio, the Save 2d stickers, and finally finish and put up the website...but i cant till I get a wacom pad so I can clean and color everything. But I'm so low on Cash...It suck balls! Anyway I havnt updated in a few days so I wanted to toss up something from the sketchbook. Sorry, if u can understand what the images are because of the messy-ness but its some gesture scribbles and thumbnails for the website set up. I'm doing characters of myself and the other three animators who are sharing the site...I've got one of Joe, and I'll toss up Adam, Arlington and myself when I get them done.

- all the stuff on the Blog is in Pencil because of the lack of Wacom-

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belinha said...

You're pretty busy!Well, I'm also law on cash, it's a common problem:-(