Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello All! Work has been great but kinda slow these last few weeks while we're waiting to get on the next batch of episodes so its given me a bunch of time for scribbling and my homework. I wanted to post these two sketches I did in flash cause I kinda liked them...I just realized as I'm typing this that they're both Nintendo fan art and if you have no clue who these characters are...the angel dude is Pit from kid Icarus and Smash bros brawl and the beaver looking thing waiving at you is a little Pokemon named Bidoof! so please dont hurt his feelings and wave back.


Adam Rosette said...

this blog needs more Mareep.

ahahah good one!


Scribble away on the company Dime.

Sounds like a sweet gig to me.
Liking the Pit drawings.


R.Dress said...

This is a spirited little guy. Could be a style for a short=)