Saturday, May 05, 2007

Don't Laugh! 'Cause I love this game and this is directly inspired by Art's PkMn Post...Its still missing two team members...Blastoise and Steelix, because their so damn hard to draw...I'll get them in there later.

Ps- Dont put Legendary PkMn on your team...thats


Art Sir said...

yea man i'm with you legendary pokemon is lame

and this drawing is really sweet, you totally got the style down.

We will start the new trend everyone will draw pokemon YES!

ken said...

waaa! cool style u have. glad i found your blog

ken :D

Tim Moen said...

if i have time, im jumpin on this pokemon bandwagon. these are sweet pat.

Talar said...

sure Patsy, that sounds great! just let one of us know when you'll be visiting :)
pokemon flu? I like the mad ones. gotta catch them all..